ADNOC Gas & Japan’s JERA sign LNG supply agreement

ADNOC Gas, a large-scale integrated gas processing company, has sealed a multi-year liquified natural gas (LNG) supply agreement, valued between $500 million and $700 million, with JERA Global Markets, a trading subsidiary of JERA Co., Inc.

This agreement builds on the long-standing relationship between the UAE and Japan, and reinforces ADNOC Gas’ position as a global LNG export partner of choice. Japan is a vital energy partner for the UAE, and this agreement bolsters ADNOC’s growing track record of fostering strategic partnerships with Japanese energy companies.

Natural gas continues to play a crucial role as a transitional fuel with lower carbon emissions compared to other fossil fuels. It also serves as an important raw material in industrial value chains.

Mr. Kazunori Kasai, Chief Optimization Officer, JERA Co., and Chairman, of JERA Global Markets, said that “We are pleased to continue our LNG partnership with ADNOC Gas as the JERA Group continuously looks towards strengthening our global LNG portfolio with stable, flexible and competitive LNG supply, which is essential in the energy transition.”

This agreement follows several significant international LNG sales agreements that ADNOC Gas has recently signed, including agreements with PetroChina International Co., Ltd. (PCI), Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd. (JAPEX), TotalEnergies Gas and Power, and India Oil Corporation (IOCL). The total value of LNG supply agreements signed by ADNOC Gas since its listing in March this year is between $9.4 billion and $12 billion.

Constructed in the 1970s, ADNOC’s LNG production facilities on Das Island supplied LNG to the Tokyo Electric Power Company (one of the parent companies of JERA Co., Inc.) for over 40 years. This new supply agreement with JERA Global Markets renews and further enhances the partnership.

ADNOC Gas continues to leverage opportunities arising from ADNOC’s integrated gas masterplan which links every part of the gas value chain in the UAE, ensuring a sustainable and economic supply of natural gas to meet local and international demand.