DP World unveils National Talent Development Program 2023

DP World, a global leader in supply chain solutions, has launched the inaugural phase of its ‘National Talent Development Program 2023’ (20Xel) to train and develop the next generation of Emirati leaders in trade, logistics, and supply chain management.

The 20Xel National Talent Development Program 2023 is the cornerstone of DP World’s Emiratization efforts. The program aims to foster a culture of dedication and team spirit while also encouraging innovation in a key sector.

The program focuses on key topics, including future skills in trade, logistics, and supply chains, in order to develop theoretical and practical expertise for successful careers in a technology-based world.

“Central to this vision is the unwavering focus on nurturing Emiratis and promoting sustainable development. We wholeheartedly invest in the knowledge economy and the remarkable talents of our Emirati youth. Through 20Xel, we seek to empower and cultivate a pool of exceptional leaders who will play instrumental roles in shaping the future, continuing prosperity, and ushering in a new era of growth,” Mr. Sulayem added.

The program consists of four stages: foundational, operational, developmental, and leadership. Participants can obtain an international supply chain management diploma from the prestigious Rotterdam School of Management, as per the statement.