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About Us Although aluminium foil represents a tiny proportion of the total household waste stream (less than 0.5%), the aluminium industry is keen to have this valuable raw material returned. That aluminium can be economically recycled, and has been since it became commercially available more than a century ago, is a well-established fact. As a used material it retains a positive monetary value, unlike many other packaging materials which can cost money for disposal. The metal remains substantially intact in terms of volume and, for one twentieth of its original extraction cost, can be re-melted to become new metal ready for its next task. Several successful national schemes for the collection and recovery of used beverage cans (for the production of more beverage cans) represent clear evidence that aluminium packaging materials can be recycled with outstanding success. Modern molten metal filtration techniques keep quality high, and the aluminium companies greatly value this rich source of secondary metal which is available at such a comparatively low energy cost. With so much attention on the environmental demands of packaging materials, it is easy to lose sight of the environmental benefits these materials can bring. Take the case of sterilized food preserved without refrigeration for long periods thanks to the high barrier properties of an aluminium foil container or foil laminate pouch. Such a pack enables the transportation and storage of valuable food resources in a minimum of space and with a minimum of additional weight due to packing. Also, thanks to the metal’s very good thermal conductivity, the energy used to heat the food contained in the pack is minimized – a further saving. Another example: Food can be processed in a foil container, shaped by it, carried in it, delivered, displayed, carried home, baked or re-heated in it – all without any need for the contents to be removed from the one container. The resulting savings of energy and materials are considerable. Where economies facilitated by a packaging material such as aluminium are obvious, it makes sense to use such a material, particularly when the potential for recovery and recycling is so strong. All minerals on this planet are finite and they must be conserved and used wisely. But without their exploitation our way of life is in question and in some cases it is very difficult to change the way we use resources. Burning fossil fuels for heating, for example, is likely to be with us until the end of this resource is in sight. Compared with this example, aluminium is in a very fortunate position. One of the most abundant elements present in the earth’s crust, third only to silicon and oxygen, this element is so plentiful that demand is never likely to exceed supply. Used aluminium has always been an important source of ‘new’ metal. According to industry estimates, about two thirds of aluminium in use is eventually recycled because it is so much cheaper to re-melt it in its metallic form than it is to extract the metal from the original ore. Our Product Household Foils Flexible Packaging Foil Semi-rigid container Foil PHARMACEUTICAL FOILS

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IGC is a general construction and project development company in Abu Dhabi and Egypt. With a reputation built on innovation, quality, and reliability with a reputation built on innovation, quality, reliability, and sustainability, we provide a range of end-to-end services that can turn any design concept or site plan into reality. As an iso-certified company, we have the resources, capability, and commitment to deliver a variety of projects. Whether working above or below ground, we have a strong track record of completing high-quality projects for a strong and loyal client base across the public and private sectors. And we always deliver on time.

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For over 28 years, Aalmir Plastic Industries LLC (API) has been actively catering to the plastic manufacturing requirements of many small and large companies.


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Middle East Rubber and Metal Group is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of industrial rubber products and material handling systems in local and international market for the past 18 years


About Us Ibn Al Haj Chemicals Is Among The Top Chemical Distributor In United Arab Emirates (UAE), Serving The Middle East, East Asia And South Asia Markets. With A Reputation For Excellence And Strong Performance, Ibn Al Haj Draws From A Rich History, With Roots Dating Back Decades. Our Assets, Staff And Technical Expertise Have Been Serving Markets For Over 30 Years. Ibn Al Haj Manages Complex Supply Chains For Both Chemical Manufacturers And Consumers By Simplifying Market Acess To Hundreds Of Products. Our Capabilities Include Custom Packaging, Export Services And Distribution With End To End Services. As A Supplier Of Top-Grade Organic And Inorganic Chemicals, Ibn Al Haj Services Range Of Diverse Industries. VISION To Be The Prefered Global Distributor Partner For Suppliers And Customers Worldwide.

Standard Rubber Products Manufacturing LLC

customers out of our well equipped facilities in Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah and Ras Al Khor Industrial Area, Dubai.

Trice Chemicals IND LLC

About Us Established in 2002, Trice Chemicals is one of the leading chemical manufacturers and traders in the UAE. Trice is also known for chemical exports and imports. We provide a clean, safe and healthy environment by producing effective and ethical cleaning products for our customers. Supplying and manufacturing a wide range of products in the UAE, Middle-East (Gulf countries – GCC), African and European region, Trice Chemicals is specialized in manufacturing detergents and laundry chemicals, kitchen care products, Industrial Cleaning chemicals, Specialty chemicals, Household chemicals, Janitorial products as well as Paper products. We are experienced in private labelling; our products can be packed and labelled as per clients’ specifications. We also supply raw materials used in industries like plastic, detergent, paint, paper, adhesive and ink along with toll blending or toll manufacturing services in which the production of chemical blends can be outsourced to a third party. Highly qualified professionals and quality experts associated with us are the most integral part of the company who enable us to keep pace with the latest market requirements. OUR MISSION Researching, Developing, and Producing environment friendly high quality cleaning products, to replace many hazardous and toxic chemicals, and there by keeping the users and environment safe. Also to provide customer satisfaction anywhere, anytime, and delivering on a promise, there by building a healthy relationship. VISION Providing a clean, safe and healthy environment by producing effective, ethical and environmental cleaning products for our completely satisfied customers and employees. Consumer needs alone will be our guiding philosophy in manufacturing and marketing of products that fascinate people and satisfy their souls.