7X launches logistics subsidiary ‘EMX’ for CEP industry

7X, previously known as Emirates Post Group, has launched EMX, a new dynamic subsidiary set to redefine the landscape of Courier, Express, and Parcel (CEP), at a gala event held at the Museum of the Future.

The strategic move follows the recent unveiling of Emirates Post Group’s new brand identity, 7X, underscoring its position as a leader in the trade, transport, and logistics industry.

EMX emerges as a dedicated entity within the 7X group of companies aiming to provide enhanced logistics services, focusing on reliable and fast courier services and tailored solutions. EMX will leverage the latest technologies to be a game-changer in the logistics/CEP industry.

In line with the launch, Tariq Al Wahedi has been appointed as EMX’s General Manager. Boasting more than 24 years of expertise in strategy planning, expansions, joint ventures, and engineering, Al Wahedi’s appointment signifies a strategic move for the company.

Alashram said that, “To underscore our commitment to enable a world in motion, our objective extends beyond mere leadership; we aspire to revolutionize the industry by embodying agility, dependability, and a comprehension of the varied needs of our customers. EMX serves as a testament to our vision of enhancing global accessibility, ultimately empowering both businesses and their consumers.”

Tariq Al Wahedi, General Manager of EMX, stated that, “With the convergence of digital and physical commerce, the significance of advanced logistics solutions is increasing. EMX transcends beyond offering logistics solutions, it also reflects a visionary approach within the CEP industry. Our mission is to transform the sector by providing credible, reliable, fast and innovative delivery solutions that are tailored to align with the distinct needs of every customer.”

Al Wahedi added that, “Whether serving governmental entities, financial services, e-commerce players or other sectors, EMX is poised to surpass expectations with precision, speed, and personalized services. The introduction of EMX marks a substantial stride forward, leveraging domestic expertise, global outreach, and harnessing technologies to redefine the boundaries of what can be achieved in the field of logistics. We ultimately want to deliver a world within reach.”

EMX, by working in tandem with the subsidiaries within 7X, is strategically positioned to bridge the gap between traditional B2B and B2C operations, facilitating seamless transitions and unparalleled service quality across the board.

The launch of EMX signifies a crucial addition to the 7X ecosystem, which seeks to establish an interconnected domestic and global network of partnerships and solutions for enhanced accessibility. The move represents a milestone in the logistics sector, reinforcing 7X’s reputation as a forward-thinking leader in global trade, transport, and logistics.

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