Abu Dhabi ranked safest city globally for eight consecutive years

Abu Dhabi has been named the world’s safest city for the eighth consecutive year, according to Numbeo’s 2024 Mid-Year Crime Index released on Tuesday.

The Numbeo Crime Index, updated semiannually, considers survey responses regarding perceptions of crime, personal safety during daylight and nighttime, concerns about specific crimes, and the extent of property and violent crimes.

The UAE dominated the list, with its cities securing four out of the top six spots.

Abu Dhabi proudly stands as the safest city in the world, with an impressively low crime index score of 11.8 and a safety index score of 88.2 – the highest globally.

Ajman snatched the second spot with a crime index of 15.8 and a safety index of 84.2, while Dubai ranked fourth with a crime index of 16.3 and a safety index of 83.7.

Ras Al-Khaimah also made it to the top ten, landing at the sixth position with a crime index of 17.7 and a safety index of 82.3.

The index uses an inverse scale, where a lower score indicates a safer city. Cities with a crime level below 20 are considered the safest, a distinction that all four UAE cities on the list have achieved.

Erick Valnei, a jiu-jitsu teacher from Brazil who has lived in Abu Dhabi for two years, shared his experience of living in the world’s safest city with Aletihad.

“I was talking about this with my friends recently – we were amazed at how safe it is here. For example, in Abu Dhabi, you can leave your car parked on the street, go to the mall or a restaurant, and never worry about whether your car will still be there when you return. In my hometown, I always had to worry about such things,” he said, praising the UAE’s ongoing commitment to ensuring the best living standards.

According to Valnei, the ease of living in Abu Dhabi, underpinned by its high safety standards, is also of great importance for his friends who moved here with their families, or started their families in the country.

“Many of my friends here appreciate the safety aspect because they have children. Whether they work in business or sports, they can travel for work without worrying about their family’s safety. The high quality of life here in Abu Dhabi allows you to focus on your work and personal goals without constantly being concerned about potential dangers,” Valnei added.

Quality of Life and Healthcare

The safety aspect is one of eight factors that Numbeo takes into consideration when devising its broader Mid-Year Quality of Life Index. Other factors are purchasing power, cost of living, and healthcare, among others.

In the 2024 rendition of the Mid-Year Quality of Life Index, Abu Dhabi ranks 18th globally and first in the GCC region, with a score of 191.6. The city also boasts one of the highest purchasing power scores (158.5), ranking 11th globally. Dubai ranked 57th and 3rd in the GCC region, with an overall quality of life score of 171.1, just behind Doha, Qatar.

In terms of healthcare, Abu Dhabi ranks second in the GCC region behind Doha, securing 68th place globally out of 218 cities, while Dubai follows closely in 69th place.







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