Abu Dhabi’s Borouge opens new offices in Kenya & South Korea

Borouge, a leading petrochemical company that provides innovative and differentiated polyolefin solutions, has established offices in Kenya and South Korea as part of its strategic initiative to expand its market share in high-growth geographies.

The company’s latest expansion aligns with Borouge’s distinct business approach, focused on close value-chain collaboration with both customers and end-users.

With a sales and marketing office in Singapore, Borouge’s expanded, on-the-ground presence in Kenya and South Korea enhances its extensive international sales and supply chain infrastructure. Its global footprint now includes 14 international offices across key markets in the UAE, China, Egypt, India, Japan, and Southeast Asia.

Borouge in Kenya

Borouge has established a presence to capitalize on East Africa’s strong growth prospects in a region that boasts a population of nearly half a billion people. Through its new office in Nairobi, the company is committed to fostering closer relationships with existing customers while actively pursuing opportunities to expand its customer base in the region.

Moreover, establishing a presence in Kenya will enable closer collaboration with brand owners and local manufacturers, driving the sale of infrastructure, energy, advanced packaging, as well as recyclate, or recycled raw material, supporting the company’s strategy to promote the circular economy.

Borouge’s new office in South Korea

Borouge has inaugurated a new office to bolster its position as a leading total solutions provider for energy businesses. The Company offers high-quality cables and solar energy solutions. Through strategic partnerships and value-added solutions, including the sale of products from Borealis’ majority-owned DYM Solution Co. Ltd in South Korea, the firm aims to meet the fast-changing requirements of its customers in South Korea while unlocking new avenues for business growth in a country of more than 51 million people.

In the short term, the company will focus on its premium solutions applications in the energy sector, with long-term plans to expand into other key areas such as the infrastructure and advanced packaging segments.