Bahrain pavilion turns star attraction at Gulfood 2024

The Bahrain pavilion at the ongoing Gulfood 2024 expo has turned into a start attraction with over 15,000 visitors landing at its stand to explore the diverse array of products being presented by leading Bahraini food companies.
The Gulfood 2024 is being held at the Dubai World Trade Centre under the theme ‘Real Food Led by Strong Partnerships.’
Among the notable Bahraini companies showcasing their offerings at the event are Awal Dairy Company, Deeko Bahrain and Kazerooni Brothers.
These companies join over 5,500 exhibitors, speakers, and experts from 190 countries, alongside renowned chefs.
The collective goal is to showcase advancements in agricultural technology and the growing integration of artificial intelligence in food production.
Discussions revolve around key topics such as minimizing food loss and waste, emphasizing private partnerships and investments in protein alternatives like processed meats.
The aim is to address challenges related to food scarcity and secure sustenance for the global population both now and beyond 2050.
This participation not only promotes Bahraini food products in global markets but also fosters potential business collaborations between the participating Bahraini companies and their counterparts globally and within the region, said the organiser of the Bahraini pavilion.
On the overwhelming response at the expo, Ahmed Al Hujairy, the CEO of WorkSmart Events Management, said: “Bahraini companies have successfully met their objectives for participating in the exhibition, underscoring the noteworthy contributions of the kingdom in the field of the food industry, trade, and the attainment of food security.”
“Gulfood stands out as the largest annual exhibition in the global food and beverage sector, where industry leaders meet in Dubai to delineate the future trajectory of the sector and exert a global influence on food and beverage trends,” he stated.
Al Hujairy pointed out that the exhibition provided a significant opportunity to showcase the advancements in the food industry sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
It serves as a platform to attract foreign investments into this sector and, simultaneously, to bolster the exports of Bahraini food companies to the regional market, he noted.
According to him, Gulfood exhibitors benefit from a favourable opportunity due to easy access to their exhibition pavilions, attracting attention from global buyers, ministers, government officials, and numerous national trade associations.
This presents an opportunity for forging lucrative joint trade agreements, coupled with the influx of tens of thousands of new visitors from various countries worldwide and the region, he added.