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Al Ain Farms


Founded in 1981, by the Father of the United Arab Emirates, the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Al Ain Farms was the first dairy company established in the United Arab Emirates. After 40 illustrious years, today we are the largest integrated dairy company in the country, running four farms under our brand – the dairy business, the fresh juice business, the camel milk production, and the poultry section, producing fresh chicken and eggs.

Milk Products
Al Ain Farms is equipped with the best international technology for feeding, milking and processing and is one of the most advanced farms in the Middle East for fresh milk.

Pure Nature Products
Being the first dairy company in the UAE, Al Ain Farms has undertaken a pivotal role in ensuring the finest food products to the people of the country.

Camel Milk
Grown with love, we preserve the legacy of Sheikh Zayed by being the only local dairy company to produce camel milk.

Only Best Quality
At the core of our quality focus is the customer. All our initiatives in maintaining and improving quality result in benefits to our valued customers and consequently better customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

To be UAE’s own Food and Beverage brand of choice that is committed to provide healthy, superior quality products to its consumers every day.

Our Vision
We will enhance our market presence by 2020 with scalable and sustainable products and processes driven by high energy, synergy, ownership and innovation.

Our History 

Began operations with a milk processing plant, and 200 imported Friesian cows.

Increased herd to 500 cows and a second farm opened at Seih Al Dai.

A 3rd farm was commissioned at Seih Al Sulimat with an additional 500 cows.

A new dairy processing plant allowed volume
expansion and an increased variety of products.

Merged with Al Ain Poultry Farm and formed the new Al Ain Farms for Livestock Production.

A new processing plant installed, with a capacity of 100,000 liters of milk per day. HACCP certification for product and hygiene safety measures was implemented. Became a member of the UAE Dairy Association and a UNICEF partner.

Al Ain Farms became the first dairy company in the
UAE to introduce recyclable PET packaging.

Full control over operational logistics and distribution network enabling direct delivery to all retail outlets in the UAE.

State-of-the-art dairy farm and corporate HQ at the Al Foah site. Along with 1000 more cattle, new farm yielded the highest output in comparison to
any other farm in the country.

Won the prestigious Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award, one of the highest commercial accolades in the UAE.

The Dubai Distribution Hub opened.

A new Bactoscan machine installed.

The factory received ISO 22000 and the ESMA

All 3 farms merged into one single farm in Al Foah.

Achieved SUPERBRAND status. Also awarded
PRODUCT OF THE YEAR for Al-Ain Morning Drink.

ISO 22000 for Cow and Camel farm.
SUPERBRAND status for second year in a row.

Launched Camel Milk Powder and received SIAL Innovation Awards for these products.

Completion of New Juices and UHT Factory.

Received multiple awards for CSR contributions.

Distinguished Customer Award for consumer

ISO 22000:2018 Certification for Food Management

SUPERBRAND Award for the third time.

Our Team 

Robust diversification and significant growth in operations, extent of product range and markets have had a positive impact on Al Ain Farms, contributing to a strong and positive overall company reputation.

While being a local company and embodying the national values of the United Arab Emirates, it has also earned the reputation of being a modern food producer deploying best-in-class technology, and a preferred employer of choice.

At Al Ain Farms, we have a large team of professionals bound by their positive attitude and passion to contribute to the surrounding communities. Sharing the vision and values of our Founding Father Sheikh Zayed, we are passionate about taking care of our farm animals, producing delicious dairy, poultry and juice offerings for our consumers and making positive contributions to our community.

Quality Policy

Maintaining quality according to global standards and improving processes and procedures are ingrained in our corporate culture and key to everything we do at Al Ain Farms.

At the core of our quality focus is the customer. All our initiatives in maintaining and improving quality result in benefits to our valued customers and consequently better customer satisfaction.

Continuing investments in Al Ain Farms ensure enhanced infrastructure is put in place to reinforce quality and safety. Processes are strictly adhered to and a systemic approach is followed.

Al Ain Farms is fully compliant to all national and international quality and safety standards including HACCP and ISO. We are consistently awarded quality certifications and regard as a highly competent and efficient manufacturer across all of our operations.

Our Farms 

Al Ain Farms is equipped with the best international technology for feeding, milking, and processing and is one of the most advanced dairy farms in UAE.

Al Ain Farms is fully compliant to all national and international quality, and safety standards such as HACCP and ISO. The company is also consistently awarded quality certifications and is regarded as a highly competent and efficient manufacturer across all of its operations.

The farm has close to 10,000 pedigreed cows, living in a pristine environment. Al Ain Farms maintains high animal welfare standards by following globally approved, best in class, cow care regimen.

The cows are fed with the best quality balanced cattle feed and specially grown green grass. Our nutritionists ensure that the right balance of minerals and vitamins are included in the feed so that our cows are healthy, and all milk is naturally produced without any antibiotics or added hormones. Handpicked cow handlers and veterinarians work 24/7 at the farm ensuring the cows receive loving care all the way.

As a leading cow farm in UAE, Al Ain Farms is a peaceful abode for our cows where they are loved, cared, nourished and pampered. Their caretakers attend to their every need right from the moment they join our family as young cows.

The cows spend most of their time happily grazing in the wide expanse of the farm’s open airfields, enjoying social interactions with their fellow cows, refreshing daily showers, and even occasional pedicures! This stress-free, hassle-free lifestyle boosts their milk yield and ensures Al Ain Farms milk is full of nourishing goodness.


Enjoy the refreshment of fresh juice conveniently packed for all tastes. All our delicious products are aimed to satisfy your desire for diverse taste combinations and innovative juice mixes with high-quality ingredients. Our juices are enjoyed by all age groups, and we have a specific range of products that satisfy each requirement.

Our juices present a diversity of flavors extracted from farm fresh fruits sourced from the best of orchards from across the globe. An amazing variety ranging from orange, lemon mint, apple, mango, pomegranate, guava, grapes provide essential nutrients to you and the refreshment, wherever you go.


Created with the goal of meeting the poultry requirements of a growing populace in the region, Al Ain Poultry Farm was established in 1979, and today is one of the largest in the UAE, producing seven million broilers and 90 million fresh eggs annually.

At Al Ain Farms, we provide the best quality poultry products like fresh eggs and fresh chicken to our customers. Egg collection, temperature control and feeding are fully automated. A sterilization process using UV light eliminates any bacteria from the eggs. Using the latest technology to detect and remove any defective eggs, every egg is checked 16 times for any cracks, before it is passed to packing area, to ensure the best quality is provided to the customers. The computer delivers each egg to the right place and automatically packs into trays.

Quality assurance is strictly controlled and monitored. Our laboratories continually tests eggs for freshness, yolk color and shell thickness.

As we are reputed for fresh chicken UAE, our broilers are hand-slaughtered in accordance with Islamic Principles. Washed and arranged by weight, the broilers are packed and sent to a cooler room, ready for dispatch. The meat is delivered fresh to the whole country from farm to shop in 24 hours. Locally raised, Naturally fresh.

At Al Ain Farms, our policy is to reach to our customer in the shortest possible time so that the freshness and taste of the produce is intact. From the farm, chickens and eggs are moved to the markets in refrigerated vehicles with sophisticated in-built storage facilities.

  • 9 million broiler chickens annually
  • 120 million fresh eggs to the market every year
  • Meets international food safety practices
  • Certified by international agencies
  • From the farm to shop in 24 hours

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