Emirates Bio Fertilizer Factory

Emirates Bio Fertilizer Factory

Emirates Bio Fertilizer Factory is the leading bio fertilizers company in the Middle East located in the industrial city of Al Ain, UAE.

In 1996, “Emirates Bio Fertilizer Factory” or EBFF was established as an organic and Bio fertilizer factory and started commercial production in 1997 producing heat treated organic fertilizers derived from recycling local organic animal (cow-poultry) wastes.

With a production capacity of 250,000 metric tons per year, EBFF served and ful lled the fertilizer requirements of its major clients in the UAE, as well as its export markets in the Gulf countries and 15 international markets, including Oman, Algeria, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Sudan, Morocco, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Yemen.
Its products have gained signi cant popularity and reputation for productivity in all these countries.

Our Goals Emirates Bio Fertilizer Factory
This will continue to be the mission of EBFF, striving to reach more markets by expanding its product line of eco-friendly agricultural fertilizers and nutritional supplements. Values At EBFF, the core values are its key to its growth and stability.

Our Vision
To be the leading producer of value-adding organic fertilizers and solutions in the UAE and the GCC community

Our Mission
To protect human health and environment from the toxic harmful chemicals, promote soil fertility and sustainability, and preserve the biological and agricultural food chain system.
EBFF is committed and inspired with the mission of safeguarding the environment from the harmful pathogens and diseases brought about by untreated fertilizers available in the market and imported from overseas.
Over the years, continuous research & development initiatives in developing organic solutions have been introduced to cater to the di erent needs of the  farm” market in UAE and exported to a growing list of international markets, given the factory’s daily capacity of 500 metric tons.

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