H.A.K Industrial Chemicals

H.A.K Industrial Chemicals, a member of The Kanoo Group, is one of the largest suppliers of specialty chemicals, equipments & raw materials to specific industries in UAE and neighboring Gulf countries. We have constantly added more products and principals to our portfolio to fully serve the needs of the end users.

H.A.K Industrial Chemicals uses the efficient infrastructure of The Kanoo Group and the facilities of the other Kanoo divisions to provide prompt service to our customers in the UAE and other Gulf countries. Sufficient stock of most products is maintained in our warehouse, which also includes a cold storage, at all times. H.A.K Industrial Chemicals is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and hence we practice the best quality system based on international standards.

Our employees are technically qualified and can provide necessary comprehensive support, if required. They are accessible at all times to provide advice and attend to all product queries.

Material can be supplied from stock and also directly from the manufacturer, if the customer so desires. Our emphasis is on efficient service, coupled with good quality products at very competitive prices.

Our goal is to be a long-term partner of every customer and not just a mere supplier!

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