LESKOR Metal Industries


LESKOR Metal Industries is a multi-disciplinary facade solutions contractor with focus on design, engineering, Specialized Aluminium Facade solutions.

Our prime business and specialties are Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Installation of all types of facade systems, covering all types of products from advanced to traditional curtain wall systems, and cladding systems. Utilizing local and international systems offering the most up-to-date technologies and meeting international standard

Our team consists of highly qualified engineers, specialists in façade industries with vast experience, enables us to identify exact need, mobilize the appropriate resources, manage the particularities of each application.


Our mission is to utilize the expertise and experience we currently possess so that, in a continuously evolutionary industry, to provide superior and tailor-made solutions and enhancement which are proven to drive our client’s reputation and sale. We there by ensure that we represent the company for “First Choice “for our clients.


Our vision is to be a world class services provider company, a pioneering institution free of imitations, capable of finding innovative solutions that will allow our stakeholders to overcome todays constraints. Our deliverables will be point of reference in modern architectural and engineering applications.


As Company and individual, we are committed to consult business honestly and openly, adhering to the highest ethical standards. We are committed to our client’s success, and we are responsive to their needs by offering flawless services without compromises to quality.

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