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Ours is a history worth repeating

For over 50 years, we’ve been a recognized leader in the industry.  First making a name for ourselves as Petra Steel Company, we solidified our reputation in unparalleled steel design and forged ironwork, and soon grew to be involved in virtually all aspects of the aluminum business.

Over the ensuing decades, aluminum became the core material of our company as we introduced a broad variety of fabrication lines, including: shop-front cabinets, steel and aluminum partitions, roller shutters, fire-resistant doors, overhead garage doors, insulated entrance doors, and skylights.  Local demand and enthusiasm for our aluminum products ultimately led to an obvious name change, and Petra Aluminum Company proudly continues to be an enduring brand to this day.

Opportunities came along the way to enhance Petra Aluminum’s offerings, first in the form of Shegem & Company, enabling us to expand into the trading of aluminum window and door profiles.  Our holdings also include the Ittihad Insulating Glass Company and Al-Mashrabia Precise Cutting Company, further complementing Petra’s presence in the construction industry as well as pioneering unique advancements in the Jordanian market.

And progress only continues.  After attaining the ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate and with our most recent acquisition of CNC Machines, we’ve remained committed to launching strategic planning programs in an effort to provide the region with the best in aluminum fabrication.

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