About Us

Built on the foundations of trust, committed to superior quality in service delivery, and motivated by our resolve to maintain utmost customer satisfaction.

Our core corporate policy revolves around addressing the needs and meeting the expectations of our clients across the full spectrum of market landscape: residential, commercial and industrial. Leveraging our vast networks and abundance of resources, and inspiring our partners to achieve the full potential to achieve full satisfaction of our customer’s growing expectation.

Thanks to our dynamic corporate value system, we have not only been able to survive the test of time, but have also continued to set standards of excellence in gas service delivery in the UAE. We have always ensured that our clients enjoy individual attention and commitment from our highly trained team. We ensure that each client receives the timely effective support necessary. With our personalized and highly customized supervision, we guarantee our client sustainable development.


Having already maintained impressive rates of growth in all aspects of our corporate operations, we are committed to raising the bar of excellence all the time, which explains our commitment to becoming the most reliable and credible Liquefied Petroleum Gas supplier the customer can choose to rely on.


Though attaining the peak is quite challenging, we believe it’s even more challenging to maintain it, and therefore we maintain our commitment to not only retaining our leadership in Liquefied Petroleum Gas market within the UAE, but also setting higher standards of excellence in service delivery and customer satisfaction.

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