United Gas Co LLC

Headquartered in Sharjah, UNIGAS Group was established in 1979 as a key stakeholder in the early days of oil and gas industry development in the United Arab Emirates.

We have ever since maintained impressive growth rates in the supply of LPG throughout the Emirates and beyond.

UNIGAS Group have maintained a forefront position in the provision of services ranging from a highly affordable LPG supply to robust engineering solutions and technology. This is made possible by our team of highly-trained engineers, highly skilled technicians and managerial staff.

With our three bottling and storage facilities, which are strategically located in Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and Khorfakan; and our road tankers-fleet, we cover the UAE market with utmost efficiency.

UNIGAS Group equally provides bulk gas supply services for residential, commercial and industrial users across the country and abroad.

Having already maintained impressive rates of growth in all aspects of our corporate operations, we are committed to raising the bar of excellence all the time, which explains our commitment to becoming the most reliable and credible Liquefied Petroleum Gas supplier the customer can choose to rely on.

Though attaining the peak is quite challenging, we believe it’s even more challenging to maintain it, and therefore we maintain our commitment to not only retaining our leadership in Liquefied Petroleum Gas market within the UAE, but also setting higher standards of excellence in service delivery and customer satisfaction.

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