United Paper Industries Company FZCO

The Gulf Paper Manufacturing Company, established in 1979 with a capital of 3 million Dinars, was the first company to manufacture paper in the Gulf region. (Capital was increased later to KD. 3,500,000) The rise of the Gulf Paper Manufacturing Company since 1979 is a response to the reasonable needs high- lighted by the exhaustive studies that preceded the commissioning of the company, regarding the urgent and increasing needs for raw materials used in the paper industry, in the Gulf region and the Middle and Far East countries.

Production started with a productive capacity of 20,000 tons, the effective production of the company started in 1982, and productive capacity in 1991 reached 25,000 tons.

In 1997, the production lines were developed and a new product was added, namely white Top test liner. The redevelopment of the lines done again in 2000 – 2007 – 2010 and 2015 for a capacity of 70,000 tons, as well as in terms of quality production.Based on our experience over 36 years in the field, we were able to determine high quality regardless of price as we always take into consideration the quality of the product and the operating performance of the production sections.

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