Plastic Plugs

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The Plastic Plugs Range in different sizes for formwork panels are essential components used in the construction industry to securely close and seal formwork panels during concrete pouring. These plugs play a crucial role in preventing concrete leakage and ensuring the structural integrity of the final concrete structure. Some of the key features and uses of the plastic plugs are:

Size Variants: Available in 19mm and 26mm sizes, these plastic plugs are designed to fit into the corresponding holes in the formwork panels.

Secure Closure: Once inserted into the formwork panel holes, the plugs expand, creating a tight and secure closure, which helps contain the freshly poured concrete.

Easy Installation: The plastic plugs are user-friendly and easy to install, requiring minimal effort during the formwork setup.

Leak Prevention: The plugs effectively seal the formwork joints, preventing concrete seepage or spillage during the pouring process.

Durability: Made from high-quality and durable plastic materials, these plugs can withstand the pressure and conditions of concrete pouring.

Reusability: In many cases, these plastic plugs are reusable, making them a cost-effective and sustainable solution for multiple construction projects.

Standardization: Our sizes adhere to industry-standard dimensions, ensuring compatibility with various formwork panel types and systems.

By utilizing our Plastic Plugs for formwork panels, construction workers can streamline the concrete pouring process and achieve consistent, reliable results. These plugs contribute to the overall efficiency and safety of construction projects, ultimately leading to the successful creation of robust and well-structured buildings and structures.


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