RTA completes new generation of integrated services

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority has accomplished phase one of the new generation of integration services to achieve the vision of the (360 services) policy, aimed at developing services to be proactive, seamless, integrated, remotely accessible and automated.

RTA has made extensive efforts to upgrade its service channels by encouraging digital adoption to enable self-service capabilities and make them more accessible via common platforms such as the Dubai Now App.

RTA applied the ‘Services 360’ policy through a detailed analysis and assessment of service maturity levels over a three-year plan (2023-2025). This approach is aligned with the master plan of the General Secretariat of the Executive Council of the Dubai Government.

RTA fully implemented the first stage of the ‘Services 360’ policy, resulting in enhanced, automated, flexible, and proactive services. These improvements were spread across six main services: traffic services, marine transport, infrastructure works services, bus services, and journey planning, investment services.

The scope of the initial stage encompassed 20% of RTA services. The second stage in 2024 will include 40% of services, and the third stage in 2025 is set to cover the remaining 40% of services.

The ’Services 360’ policy has positively impacted RTA’s service delivery channels, notably improving the customer experience in accessing services. Three digital channels for service access were added to RTA’s platforms: the website, mobile applications as well as the Dubai Now App, which stands out as one of the key shared channels for services. RTA enabled digital payment options for 46 sub-services through the Dubai Payment Gateway.

Furthermore, the process to avail services has been simplified by reducing two steps from the list of customer requirements to streamline the service provision from the customer’s viewpoint. Also, the necessity for physical visits to obtain services through traditional channels was eliminated for over 90% of RTA’s services, making them accessible via smart channels only.

The integration of systems and services with RTA’s government and private partners, represented by 15 Dubai Government entities, 8 federal entities, and 53 private entities, has led to a reduction in the number of requirements from customers to access services by making use of their existing information.