Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid discusses Emirati Genome Programme in UAE Cabinet

More than 600,000 samples have been collected as part of the Emirati Genome Programme, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, announced on Monday.

During a UAE Cabinet meeting in Abu Dhabi, members were briefed on the goal of reaching one million samples.

The Emirates Genome Council, headed by Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, is also training more than 1,000 medical personnel to support the programme.

“The contribution of more than 600,000 citizens ensures the development of a clear map of genetic and hereditary diseases in the country … and helps in developing medicines specific to these diseases,” said Sheikh Mohammed.

“We call on everyone to co-operate with this comprehensive national medical programme in a way that makes our society healthier and our generations healthier.”

A pilot programme for premarital screening will also begin, which will include all genetic and hereditary diseases, Sheikh Mohammed said.

Self-driving vehicles

A federal traffic law was approved on Monday which included amendments to vehicle classifications and the use of modern technology on the roads.

“We also approved a federal law on traffic and road regulations, which includes amendments for vehicle classification and the use of modern technologies on roads to keep up with the rapid developments in global transportation,” said Sheikh Mohammed.

“The new legislation accommodates the expansion in the use of self-driving vehicles, electric cars, and various types of personal transportation means, relying on transportation methods that leverage the technological advancements distinguishing the UAE’s road network.”

Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry

Also approved at the meeting held in Qasr Al Watan was the development of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, to be led by the Ministry of Economy.

“The rapid economic growth in the country requires continuous structural changes to keep up with these changes,” said Sheikh Mohammed.

The new entity will play a role in strengthening the economy and building partnerships, enabling local companies to enter international markets.

“During the meeting, we decided to form a working team led by the Ministry of Economy to develop the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the country, set a new path for it, and enhance its role in strengthening the economy, opening markets, and building new partnerships with the world.”

The UAE’s commitment to the International Code for the Protection of Tourists was also discussed at Cabinet.

Issued by the UN Tourism organisation, the code will be used as a guide, Sheikh Mohammed said.

“The UAE is one of the first countries in the world in terms of safety rate. It leads the region and many countries in the world,” he added.

Brics representation

The Ministry of Finance was chosen to represent the UAE in the Brics group. The country became a member in January.

It will work in co-operation with the Central Bank of the UAE.

“Our membership within this important global economic bloc reflects our keenness to work with everyone, and building economic bridges with all economically active blocs in the world, and our commitment to building diverse global economic relations,” said Sheikh Mohammed.


A charter for the use of AI was also adopted at the meeting, so that the UAE complies with high standards of safety and privacy.

“In today’s session, we also approved a general framework for sustainable government digital transformation and a charter for the use of artificial intelligence in the country,” said Sheikh Mohammed.

“This ensures compliance with the highest standards of safety and privacy, guaranteeing a positive and lasting impact on society.”






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