UAE to host ‘FIATA-RAME Field Meeting & Conference’ in March

The UAE National Association of Freight and Logistics (NAFL) has announced that the 2024 FIATA RAME (Region Africa and Middle East) Field Meeting and conference will take place from March 5th to 6th 2024, in Dubai.

The two-day event will bring together leading industry experts, policymakers, and stakeholders to discuss critical trends and strategies shaping the future of logistics in the MEA region. It will also highlight the growth opportunities in the industry and the economy in the region.

The meeting will be the perfect platform to foster collaboration between countries and stakeholders to develop efficient connectivity infrastructure and streamline cross-border trade while navigating geopolitical uncertainties, global trade disruptions, and economic fluctuations while ensuring resilience and agility.

The conference agenda will focus on addressing the environmental impact of logistics through green initiatives, carbon-neutral technologies, and efficient operations, leveraging cutting-edge advancements in automation, blockchain, and artificial intelligence to optimize supply chains and enhance transparency and collaboration.

FIATA Director General Dr. Stéphane Graber commented that, “In this field meeting, FIATA will convene its Region Africa and Middle East delegates, and the general freight forwarding community in the region, in this opportunity to explore how to build a more resilient supply chain given the ongoing crises in the Middle East, with the use of multimodal transport to support and facilitate the industry cargo flow.”

“The conference is a gateway to exploring the immense potential of the UAE logistics sector as the country is positioned as the logistics hub for the neighboring GCC countries and the wider MEA region. With its focus on key themes, insightful discussions, and networking opportunities, the conference will contribute to shaping a more efficient, sustainable, and collaborative future for the logistics and trade industry in the MEA region and beyond,” commented Nadia Abdul Aziz, President of the NAFL.

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