UAE’s e& money unveils its new redesigned ‘e& money app’

e& money, the fintech arm of e& life, has introduced the new e& money app in order to redefine digital excellence in the UAE.

The financial super app has completely transformed, offering a fresh and customer-centric look, with a personalized experience.

The redesigned e& money app is centered around simplifying everyday financial tasks with its user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation. Customers can now effortlessly manage their finances with just a few taps, whether it is sending funds locally or internationally, paying bills, or making card payments.

According to the statement, they can also benefit from free international transfers and one percent cash rewards with the e& money card. The app will also be available in Arabic shortly after its commercial release, catering to the needs of a wider audience, followed by other languages as well.

The new app is unveiling a range of cutting-edge features designed to deliver convenient and personalized experiences, ensuring each user enjoys unique and intuitive navigation for their financial needs. Further, e& money offers the fastest registration in the region and instant account setup without any fees.

“International remittance has become even easier, eliminating unnecessary steps in the process while offering real-time tracking capabilities. Transfers can be in just three clicks. Additionally, customers can embrace hassle-free payments by overcoming the need for pre-funding accounts to complete their transactions,” as per the statement.