Nutri Humate – 1 Ltr


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Nutri humate is a liquid organic fertilizer rich in macro elements and humic acid (12%) which improve seed germination and plant growth.
Since Nutri Humate contains 2% P2O5, 2% K2O and 8% N from organic origin. It releases its nutrients in a slow release manner.

Nutri Humate can be considered an enhancer and PLANT BIOLOGY NUTRIANT, essential for obtaining high yields and superior quality in

particular with Nutri Humate we achieved:
• Increasing the growth of plant and crops specially to promote the root growth, which improves the plants ability to absorb the nutrients e cfficiently.
• Supply of vital nutrients for crops, especially trace elements
• Increasing the ability of the plant for resisting environmental stress (drought,frost,pest/ disease)
• Increasing the blossom and fruit sets
• Increasing the production quality and yield

Nutri Humate - 1 Ltr


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Nutri Humate - 1 Ltr

Product Name: Nutri Humate – 1 Ltr